Kitulgala is a small town perched on the hills that slope down to the gushing waters of the Kelani River. The road that snakes its way up the central hill country bifurcates the little town that is one with the myriad charms of its surroundings discovery of fossils connected to pre-historic man in nearby Beli Lena caves and the filming of “Bridge over River Kwai” where David Lean chose the river nearby to narrate the cruelty of modern man makes Kithulgala a place to see in any of Sri Lanka holiday deals.Known to be the largest cave in Sri Lanka, the excavations at Beli Lena have unearthed skeletal remains of the pre-historic “Balangoda man” (Homo sapiens Balangodensis) believed to be more than 32,000 years old.

White Water Rafting is what attracts the seekers of adventure. The river at its scenic middle section consists of 10 level two, and level three rapids. They are separated by a quietly flowing patch of the river. The higher part is more of a challenge that is recommended to the more experienced. It is a picturesque little riddle of a town and village that you can unravel at leisure enjoying every moment of this Eden Resort in Sri Lanka.